SRM offers manufacturers a broad spectrum of contract negotiation and procurement consulting services, across supply chain management, process efficiency, regulatory compliance, and packaging.

We understand that individuals in procurement and other departments are spread very thin. You’re focused on getting materials in the door and onto the shop floor, and finished goods on the trucks and out for delivery. SRM can help manage the gaps and cost savings opportunities in between.

How SRM Can Help Manufacturing Companies:

We have the capacity and the expertise to identify substantial savings opportunities within your organization. Not only do we identify cost savings, but we help implement and track performance on new vendors to ensure a consistent ROI over time. Having our finger on the market’s pulse allows us to navigate more effectively, and our benchmarks can truly drive savings for you.

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How Rising Freight Costs Are Impacting the Manufacturing Industry

Transportation companies are essential to the supply chain since they quickly deliver incoming materials and ship finished goods to customers. Though some operate with their own transportation fleet, most small to medium-sized manufacturers rely on external transportation companies, which means most have been faced with significantly increased...
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Reasons Why Your Traditional Procurement Strategy Will No Longer Work

The modern supply chain is made up of an incredible network of different industries across the globe that make deliveries to companies and customers in a matter of days. Yet, since early 2020, it has been evident that even the simplest and most streamlined systems are subject to major issues. The effects of the pandemic have been felt across the board...
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How to Overcome Coronavirus Economic Effects in Manufacturing

A bit over 18 months have passed since the majority of the globe locked down due to COVID-19. As we continue to acclimate and adapt to the ongoing pandemic, we see some signs of recovery. The manufacturing and packaging industries, however, continue to struggle in many areas. These struggles have required procurement executives...
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Manufacturing Case Studies

Consolidating Suppliers Reduced Complexity And Costs For Monogram Foods

Rapid Growth Leads to Challenge of Managing Vendors Growth, in one form or another, is the goal of all businesses. First, there is the challenge…

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