Since 1992, we’ve provided contract negotiation services that unlock savings for our clients.

As times and technology change, we continue to expand our service offering with your needs in mind. Explore our contract optimization and advisory services to better understand how SRM can help you.


Digital Assets Strategy. Your opportunity to gain first mover advantage.

In early 2021, as our industry experts gathered data on digital asset and blockchain solutions, SRM launched an advisory service to assist clients by providing education and strategic guidance on blockchain (DLT), cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs, CBDCs, and decentralized finance.


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Vendor Contract Optimization

SRM’s mission is to improve our clients’ bottom line by adding measurable value that ties directly to our work product and to tangible quantifiable benefits through vendor contract optimization services.

Leveraging years of expertise, benchmarks, and professional negotiation strategies, SRM delivers optimal outcomes and navigates complex contractual terms on behalf of our clients.

Our strengths for Financial Institutions include payments, banking technology (including core banking/processing systems), and operations.

For our Manufacturing, Private Equity, and Retail clients, we can unlock savings across materials, packaging, transportation, MRO, facilities, and more.

Payments Advisory

We provide our clients with research and strategy for any initiative that touches the payments space, helping you navigate complexity and factor for scale.

Operations Advisory

Through SRM’s operations advisory services, we understand our clients’ ambitions and help them reach their strategic goals. We develop a plan and recommendations by testing hypotheses and emerging themes—a roadmap to change how the business can target improvement in a prioritized way.

Customer Engagement

Understanding and anticipating the changing needs of your customers is the key to successful growth. Customer engagement is learning how to have the optimum relationship with your customers and retain them for as long as possible, while keeping them interested and invested in your newest products and services. Organizations are only able to do this if you’re genuinely engaged with your customers.

Technology Advisory

Knowing how to leverage new and innovative technology as your company evolves is critical to long-term success. SRM offers technology advisory expertise to help organizations develop a strategy for their long-term planning around technology investments. We look at your macro needs as a business to collaborate on a technology strategy and implementation plan that allow you to thrive in the future.

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