SRM Introduces Artificial Intelligence Offering to Help Financial Institutions Safely Adopt AI Solutions

Wednesday, 29 May, 2024

MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 29, 2024 – SRM (Strategic Resource Management, Inc.) announced the launch of a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) advisory services focused on generative AI, especially Large Language Models (LLMs), for financial institutions. SRM’s experts are helping clients accelerate their AI aspirations with compliance-driven policy development, AI strategy, AI opportunity assessments, vendor data security reviews, and implementation support.

The potential impact of AI on financial services is enormous and expanding, and AI adoption has reached a tipping point in the boardrooms of financial institutions worldwide. SRM’s new AI offerings are laser-focused on policy and risk mitigation, specifically emphasizing how third-party providers that financial institutions rely on are using AI technologies.

“SRM has worked with banks and credit unions for 30+ years to understand their needs and concerns,” said Mark Sievewright, Chief Strategy Officer of SRM. “We are focused on driving substantial improvements in business growth and performance for our clients and believe that AI will provide financial institutions of all sizes with new capabilities to power their businesses.”

Connor Heaton, Director of Artificial Intelligence at SRM, has already led projects with long-time clients focused on bringing AI solutions onboard to empower their employees and meet customer and member expectations. The new AI services are backed by SRM’s best-in-industry analysts, consultants, and strategists.

“Financial institutions, regardless of size and charter, must approach generative AI adoption strategically to manage risk and stay compliant,” noted Heaton. “Generative AI isn’t a technology banks and credit unions can ignore. Our offerings enable businesses to embed AI safely, quickly, and sustainably.”

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