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SRM provides strategic advisory services in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Navigating today’s financial services landscape can be challenging, and meeting the direct needs of your customers has never been more vital. SRM’s Europe-based experts are ready to assist you and your organisation in optimising your supplier contracts, deepening your understanding of your organisation’s operations, and improving customer loyalty and retention.

Supplier Contract Optimisation:

SRM has helped clients maximise value from supplier relationships, unlocking cost savings and revenue enhancement opportunities via strategic supplier sourcing, contract assessment, contract negotiation, and ongoing value tracking. Our expertise spans card schemes, acquiring, payment processing, and technology solutions like core processing platforms and digital banking solutions.

Our work yields considerable savings, reduces staffing risks, and allows clients to reinvest savings and incentives into strategic endeavours.

SRM’s Contract Optimisation Approach:

  • Review existing contracts to identify opportunity to improve
  • Compare terms with SRM’s proprietary global benchmarks
  • Negotiate new contracts and deliver savings
  • Track and report ongoing savings throughout the lifecycle of all monitored contracts

SRM’s Contract Optimisation Services have saved our clients over £80m annually on average. 

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Organisation on a Page:

SRM’s Organisation on a Page provides a snapshot of your organisation and its operations, providing a top-down perspective on how customers view your organisation. It identifies dysfunctions and silos, and it draws out evidence-based recommendations moving forwards. It also provides visibility for making informed decisions.

With a three-phased approach, SRM:

  • Carries out robust document reviews and interviews
  • Synthesises observations and hypotheses
  • Develops, and delievers, a full snapshot of your organisation to your key stakeholders

90% of businesses have alignment dysfunctions that impact customers

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SRM Customer Loyalty Index (CLIX):

SRM’s Customer Loyalty Index (CLIX) provides a tailored view of your current customer experience. Through rigorous benchmarking, we are able to identify the key drivers for improving your operations, provide a focus for your strategy, and deliver enhanced loyalty.

With SRM’s CLIX, your organisation:

  • Leverages SRM’s proprietary datasets to clearly understany industry loyalty drivers
  • Receives structured feedback on how your customer experience compares to peers
  • Delievers key actionable insights into your customer base and what makes them tick

52% of customers say they would switch to a competitor after one bad experience

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