Digital Assets

About SRM’s Digital Assets Advisory

SRM’s Digital Assets Advisory was established to assist clients considering crypto solutions, blockchain technology, and other digital assets offerings. Our focus on education, strategic guidance, compliance, and technology vendor evaluation puts SRM in a unique position to serve the industry.

Decrypting New Revenue

Research shows more than 20% of people with investable assets are already investing in cryptocurrencies (usually through a cryptocurrency exchange). And that number is expected to grow.

Additionally, more than 60% of individuals prefer to trade digital assets with their trusted financial institutions.

This growing interest in the adoption of blockchain technology will profoundly impact the financial services industry. The proper approach and the right partner can achieve significant revenue and expense savings opportunities.

Why Invest in Digital Assets & Blockchain Infrastructure?

  • * Defend your source of funding: Deposits
  • * Drive interest and non-interest income
  • * Gain clients and market share
  • * Increase client engagement
  • * Avoid being disintermediated
  • * Reduce settlement times and improve efficiencies
  • * Minimize client fraud
  • * Discover new business models





Timely updates & expert summaries of current events, including new technologies, changes in protocols, decentralized finance, and regulatory updates.

Book an educational meeting with SRM for your executive team, Board of Directors, or strategic planning session.


An invitation to SRM’s bi-monthly Tech Talks forum offers clients participation in the ongoing, broader conversation about digital assets adoption and blockchain integration in the marketplace. In an emerging market, even small groups can have a sizable voice and impact on the community.

SRM’s unique and engaging forum was recognized as a finalist in NAFCU’s 2022 Innovation Awards.


Digital assets compliance guidance through complex discussions with regulators. Several regulatory and standards participants, including the OCC, NCUA, SEC, FinCEN, CFTC, FDIC, and FASB, should be considered and consulted when developing crypto solutions.


Digital assets strategies customized to the client with expert findings and recommendations around:

  • * The growing market acceptance of digital assets
  • * Combating increasing participation from rival financial institutions
  • * Customer and institutional investor interest
  • * Increasing regulatory guidance
  • * Easy-to-adopt technology solutions
  • * Blockchain based payment/settlement solutions


Product Development

Digital assets product development services focus on product solutions that create a competitive advantage. New solutions and products coming to market have positives and negatives to consider.

Vendor Selection

Vendor selection provides expert management over evaluating and negotiating agreements with potential technology vendors offering digital assets solutions.


Digital Assets Outflow Analysis

SRM has developed a straightforward method to help banks and credit unions analyze money transfers and transactions with crypto exchanges and digital wallets, so you can understand what percentage of client assets are leaving the balance sheet.

Analyzing outflows starts the strategic process, helping your financial institution scope opportunity and potential return on experience for their clients.

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