In our 30 years in business, SRM has helped clients unlock cost savings and reinvest in growth and innovation strategies.

Now, SRM is investing heavily in our company’s growth, expanding our services and industries focus to offer best-in-class vendor contract optimization and consulting to more companies across the globe.

Named among the Best Places to Work in 2021 by the Memphis Business Journal, we’re ready for what the future holds. And we’re energized to welcome new teammates with diverse talents and experiences—individuals who make us a stronger, higher-performing collective.

Our core values shape our culture, and our leadership team is committed to helping our teams stay engaged, even in the face of the unique workplace challenges brought on by advances in technology and hastened by the recent global pandemic.

SRM is committed to serving the communities where we operate, where our employees call home, and the causes that our team is passionate about.

We encourage you to speak to an SRM employee to learn about their experience with the company and why they love working at SRM.

SRM's Core Values


We care about people – the ones we work with and the ones we work for. We are committed to each other and upholding the values we share.


For us, integrity is everything: Ethics. Honesty. Transparency. Impartiality. Accountability. And the way people and systems work together to perform.


Good enough will never be good enough. We will be ever vigilant to look for more and better ways to assure both quality and revenue-enhancement services for our clients.


Doing as our clients ask makes us good. Going beyond to understand and do what they need, but didn’t ask for, makes us great.


Though we take pride in our expertise, we place a premium on every opportunity to gain knowledge about markets, efficiencies, and our customers’ needs.


When it comes to serving our clients, working with suppliers, and working together as a team, we will always seek the greater good for all.


We will continually adjust our process to respond to market trends, to address situations, and to meet the needs of our clients.


We work in an atmosphere of openness. We are accountable to each other and to our clients. We keep our commitments and make it right when we fall short.


Change and complexity present challenges that require creative solutions, a new way to look at what is and think of what could be.


Finding success, creativity, and balance.

I knew I wanted to work for a growing firm that would put me in a position to deliver meaningful work for clients, without excessive layers of bureaucracy. I especially wanted to find a place where I could have more control over my career progression and work with top level talent. SRM has delivered what I hoped for, and our culture of mutual support and collaborative energy has been a great fit for me. Engaging with innovative solutions and markets is a top priority for me, so it’s fantastic to see our firm building expertise in emerging areas. I’d put my SRM experience up against any in the consulting and advisory space.

Connor Heaton

Vice President, Advisory Services

Team Member Since 2019

Exciting clients. Meaningful work. Sense of community.

Since beginning my SRM career, I’ve been able to support a team that does exciting work for many of the largest card issuers in the United States. Yet individual talent and achievement is still recognized and praised. The sense of community and family at SRM is unwavering. And our expansion into new areas of payments helps us develop new skills and push the envelope on what we can do for our clients.

Tom VanSlochem

Vice President, Project Management

Team Member Since 2017

SRM Was Named Among Best Places to Work in 2021 & 2022!

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