Firmer Ground, an SRM Podcast

Welcome to the SRM Podcast, Firmer Ground, where we explore key topics and actionable takeaways for leaders in the financial services industry.  Every episode features experts from the world of banking and financial services, including SRM thought leaders, executives at future-thinking financial institutions, and other experts from all corners of the industry.

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Episode #1: Sidecar Core Strategy 101

In this episode, we speak with SRM’s core expert, Jeff Ostheimer, to understand what he means when talking about sidecar core strategies and why this approach has become popular among banks and credit unions. Jeff will discuss how the emergence of fintech players, consolidation of core banking vendors, and more rapid digital transformation goals inside financial institutions have created the need for sidecar core investments and applications. This episode is a great starter for those interested in this topic, as Jeff provides valuable insights in his straightforward, casual style. Don’t miss this one!

Episode #2: ChatGPT and Large Language Model Use Cases for Financial Institutions

In this episode, our AI subject matter expert Connor Heaton discusses the topic everyone’s talking about – OpenAI’s ChatGPT and similar AI large language models. Following a surge of investment and interest in AI tech and startups, Connor explains why the financial services industry is taking notice and onboarding these tools for internal and external functions. He covers a variety of active use cases. Even if you’re new to the world of AI large language models, you’ll enjoy the information and depth Connor provides on this topic. Give it a listen!

Episode #3: The Tokenization of Everything

In this episode, Paul Davis speaks with SRM’s digital assets expert Larry Pruss about the digitization of money, how financial institutions and other industries continue to innovate on blockchain, and how the tokenization of everything is inevitable going forward. Our guest explains how real-world assets – including deposits, bonds, real estate, and securities – are becoming tokenized through a variety of blockchain applications. Whether you’re new to the world of blockchain or an expert looking for different perspective, this episode offers useful insights into the state of digital assets in May 2023.

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