Artificial Intelligence

Advisory for Forward-Thinking Institutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the largest differentiators and efficiency tools available for financial institutions, but it also comes with inherent risks that can leave your institution and account holders in a vulnerable position.

AI systems can greatly enhance financial institutions’ operations, but they introduce new and significant risks. Employees may misuse AI, risking exposure of sensitive data or spreading bias. In response, lawmakers and regulators are establishing and placing strict safeguards on the use of AI solutions, which in turn causes institutions to delay AI adoption and integration, leading to missed cost savings and efficiencies.

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How SRM Can Help You Get Started with AI

AI Policy Development

Whether you have some existing policies in place or are just getting started, having a robust AI policy is critical for your institution to stay compliant and relevant in the ever-changing AI landscape. We start with a policy framework and support you in customizing an AI policy that fits the short and long-term needs of your financial institution.

Vendor AI Audit

As the footprint of AI regulation in financial services expands, how your vendors use AI in their day-to-day can impact your compliance. With thousands of AI applications out there, and more popping up every day, do you know how your existing vendors are using AI tools that may expose your data? SRM’s Vendor AI Audit service identifies which vendors use AI solutions and what safeguards are (or aren’t) in place for your security and compliance.

AI Opportunity Assessment

There is an ever-growing number of use cases for AI in financial services, and finding, quantifying, and prioritizing the opportunities requires deep expertise with financial processes and vendors. SRM’s AI Opportunity Assessment helps you identify the right technologies to boost bottom line revenue and advance the capabilities important to your institution. The assessment covers areas such as:

  • Operational efficiency and productivity
  • Conversational AI integration
  • Project and change acceleration
  • Onboarding efficiency enhancement
  • AI Readiness – state of data environment insights

Implementation Support

Implementing a custom internal Large Language Model (LLM) which is secure for use with proprietary data can be complex and cumbersome. With SRM’s Implementation Support, not only do we handle the development work, but our experts facilitate a seamless transition with robust change management strategies, ensuring the implementation of your LLM aligns with your institution’s objectives and dynamics.

Ongoing Compliance Monitoring

In an evolving environment of AI, every AI policy needs to be a living document – today’s answers may not work for tomorrow’s technologies. With SRM’s Ongoing Compliance Monitoring, we remain engaged and provide you with regular policy reviews, new opportunities, regular performance and consulting touchpoints, and advisory services for change management and encouraging safe adoption of AI in your institution.



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