Improve Your Contract Landscape

Navigating your entire vendor contract footprint can be difficult and result in missed opportunities, some of which can directly impact your bottom line and future growth. With SRM’s ContractMAP, our clients receive a strategic blueprint covering their entire vendor footprint. With ContractMAP:

Visualizing Vendor Landscape: ContractMAP gives your institution an easy way to evaluate and visualize all of your existing vendor contracts in one simple place.

Key Contract Events Highlighted: ContractMAP evaluates all of your contracts and provides you a visual of when critical dates occur and need action.

SRM Negotiation Window Guidance: ContractMAP is able to align multiple strategic contracts across your institution that are critical to your bottom line and long-term growth goals.

For more than 30 years, financial institutions have partnered with SRM to review, analyze, and negotiate their most perlative contracts. With such experience, SRM can provide best-in-class guidance to achieve the best rates and terms for your contracts. ContractMAP makes this knowledge and expertise even better by providing a single point of reference for contracts across your entire organization, creating synergy and increasing cost-saving opportunities.

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Why ContractMAP?

Access Expertise

Gain the specialized knowledge and skills of industry professionals who constantly stay updated on market trends and best practices.

Cost Savings

Leverage economies of scale and negotiation power to achieve better pricing and terms from vendors.

Increase Efficiency

Free up internal resources to focus on core activities critical to your institution.

Improve Agility

Respond quickly to changing market conditions and supplier risks.

Example ContractMAP:

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